The London Core Review course is for surgeons in training, candidates preparing for FRCS (C-Th) examinations and also consultants and attending cardiothoracic surgeons for CME & CPD.

The London Core Review course is fully accredited with the SCTS Education(Society for cardiothoracic surgery in Britain and Ireland). Delegates  who attend the course will receive 34 hours CPD credit as well as an official certificate to show completion of the 4 day course. To learn more about the SCTS organisation click below.

The London Cardiothoracic Surgery Core Review Course is based upon the well reputed and longstanding Salt Lake City Core Review Course in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery ( established by Donald Doty (left), Editor of Kirklin's Cardiac Surgery textbook and advanced by his son John Doty (right),  - winner of 2011 Dwight C. McGoon Mentoring award from the National Thoracic Surgery Residents Association.

We have some great downloads that show the course schedule which is the foundation of our Web app as well as other immerse links. We invite you to learn more about our world renowned course, please visit our organisation's main website by clicking the icon below:

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The course will provide a comprehensive review of the core information required for surgeons preparing primarily for Section I as well as Section II of the Intercollegiate Specialty Examination in Cardiothoracic Surgery. In addition, it will be beneficial for candidates preparing for the European Board of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons (EBTCS) examinations. In the United States, the Core Review Course is attended by nearly all residents prior to sitting their board examinations as well as practicing surgeons wishing to re-certify. The course will provide junior trainees commencing their cardiothoracic surgery career a solid and broad knowledge base which they can apply to their day to day practice. Moreover, surgeons wishing to re-validate will find the content useful.


The London Core Review is an organisation setup specifically to advance medical education in cardiothoracic surgery. Our faculty is comprised of consultant surgeons who have excelled in their various disciplines (full biographies on Core Faculty Page) and have a passion for delivering their lectures in a way that delegates love. Each year we evaluate feedback from our delegate surveys and enhance our course to keep the material relevant and keeping up with the times.  We also realize due to work schedules/budget/personal circumstances not everyone can attend our courses, this is why we created a a fantastic learning experience through our web app that is  parallel  the kind that delegates receive while attending our course in an affordable way.  Enrolling to our app will allow you to all our lecture videos from our recent 2017 event and archived videos from previous years.

Visit our Web App Guide page to see the comprehensive features our our newly revamped responsive learning app. Our Course Video page has an introduction about our course. We take all major credit cards and Paypal too and have upgrade pricing for existing members.

Donald Doty and John Doty's books Cardiac Surgery - Operative techniques and Textbook of cardiothoracic surgery are highly reputed globally.

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